The LTF Wellness retreat of 2023 was a huge success! This event had a positive impact of the health and wellness of the men who attended. The success of such an initiative signifies a step forward in breaking down societal stigmas around male vulnerability and mental health, ultimately fostering a more open and supportive environment for men's health issues.

The retreats

Our program is a 3 day, 2 night retreat in Dallas, Texas.

The retreat brings together small groups of men, both military veterans and civilians, to gather, pause, reflect, laugh, connect and discover new possibilities for themselves.

Mission Statement

Our aim is to facilitate healing and happiness in men, helping them overcome past traumas through access to diverse healing modalities. Our three-day wellness retreat comprises transformative experiences like Kambo ceremonies, Wim Hof method, breathing meditation, yoga, and martial arts, fostering a sense of camaraderie. We unite men with a common purpose: to heal, grow, and thrive.

Camaraderie Experience

Camaraderie, the close friendship and bond between individuals in a group, can have profound impacts on men's health. It can foster a sense of belonging and purpose, essential for mental well-being.

Social connections have been linked to decreased levels of stress, depression, and anxiety.

Furthermore, the supportive environment created through camaraderie can motivate individuals to maintain healthy behaviors such as regular exercise and balanced eating, indirectly boosting physical health.

Camaraderie also builds resilience and aids in faster recovery from physical or emotional stress.

"I really opened 3 doors at light the fuse.

1) Human connection. I connected to and was connected by the circle of men. I run to a lot of things. As a medic type, I tend to fix. I was connected to others that were wanting to help me. Big deal here.

2) Connected to my breathing and my body. Another thing I love is the gym, but you didn't know what you don't know. I now know I don't know shit, but I wanna get more in tune with my body and it's control systems. Breath work was amazing.

3) Spirit. I felt great spirit with LTF. I don't really know how to describe, but the energy was magnetic. It felt attractive, not repulsive. Inclusive, not exclusive."

- Aaron, September 2023

"Light The Fuse, for me, kicked a door wide open that for the majority of my life I thought was supposed to remain locked. Almost like a forbidden zone. But after taking a few steps through it, I realized that this is where I was always meant to be. Light The Fuse changed my life for the greater good. A core memory that can't be forgotten."

-Keane, September 2023

"The past is real. The pain connected to the past is real. Light The Fuse helped heal the pain from the past."

- KCW, September 2023